Stately meaning in hindi | Stately ka matlab 

Stately meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Stately 
Usage of Stately: 1: No doubt, Mother Teresa was a stately woman. 2: Teen Murti Bhavan is one among famous stately homes in India. 3: The imperial government institutions were housed in stately buildings 4: He returned to his stately home at Clandeboye in poor health 5: Thus his appearance was always stately and dignified 6: Thus musicians expect a minuet to be performed at a fairly stately tempo 7: Three stately buttes south of Great Falls are familiar landmarks. 8: It is, by extension, a stately Royal Habitation or 9: Low justice, speaking stately justices, thought of her who judged the crimes of little importance, as opposed to Upper and Average Justice 10: stately Earth
Stately ki paribhasha : raaja ya raajy se snbndh rakhanevaala raamaayan ke anusaar raaja ikshvaaku ke putr ka naama, jisane vishaal naam ki nagari sthaapit ki thi jo badi sajaavat aur taiyaari ke saath ho

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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