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As noun : अँधिआरी Ex:  he felt a flat strip of muscle
अंगवस्त्र Ex:  His articles and strip cartoons are syndicated throughout the country. अवतण Ex:  The Commission also agreed not to strip anyone of their decorations उतारना Ex:  Melville's main entertainment strip is 7th road. उदसन Ex:  With the losing captain having to strip and walk from the field naked. उपनिष्कर Ex:  Krazy Kat evolved from an earlier comic strip of Herriman's खाली कर दना Ex:  We wanted to get rid of the bullshit, strip it down to rock 'n' roll. खुल्लम Ex:  A strip of the product was placed over the letters needing correction ड्रेस Ex:  The first strip was published on November 18 निकाल देना Ex:  I wasn't against all merchandising when I started the strip निघृष्व Ex:  With rare exception, the strip avoids reference to actual people or events. पट्टी Ex:  While Calvin does not grow older in the strip उ:   हमास का प्रभाव गज़ा पट्टी में अधिक है। परिच्छंद Ex:  Both parents go through the entire strip unnamed परिहण ‡ Ex:  Rosalyn's boyfriend, Charlie, never appears in the strip पांसुवावक Ex:  The strip primarily focuses on Calvin पुसाक Ex:  The alternate 1985 strip is still omitted पोशाक Ex:  The newspaper comic strip and the comic book are both U.S. innovations. उ:   अभी हाल ही में, यह अधिक आम लाल पोशाक में बदल गया है। पोसाख Ex:  The strip clubs are typically full-contact पौसाक Ex:  The first adaptation of Superman was as a daily newspaper comic strip प्रतिसरा Ex:  1939. The strip ran until May 1966 प्रध्वन Ex:  The city does not have a central nightlife strip प्रपाथ Ex:  Although its origin as a comic strip license played a major part प्लोत Ex:  The Tintin series originated as a comic strip in the "Petit Vingtieme" journal. फुट बाल टीम के सदस्यों के कपड़े Ex:  For me, Herge was more than a comic strip artist". भरनिपु Ex:  Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch and Fontaine Fox's comic strip भारावतरण, भारावतारण Ex:  The Winter Queen has also been adapted as a comic strip by Aleksey Kuzmichev. रख्त Ex:  The most popular is the Whyte Avenue strip रोड Ex:  This results in a strip with a permanent half-twist: the Möbius strip. उ:   यह जीटी रोड से जुड़ा है। लूट लेना Ex:  The strip is a pedestrian-only street adorned with many red lanterns वतू Ex:  Drier areas include Dobrudzha and the northern coastal strip वर्तनि Ex:  The strip of land along the shore of the Arctic Ocean वर्त्मनि Ex:  A crepe strip वीवध Ex:  A strip of land separating the two properties वेष्य Ex:  A strip which clamps too व्यंग्य चित्र पट्टिका Ex:  An inscription, epitaph engraved on a copper strip व्यपसारण Ex:  copper strip व्युदास Ex:  Curtain made of cloth, strip wood, etc सड़क Ex:  Earth surrounded by water on all sides, except for a strip of land, an isthmus by which it is united to the mainland उ:   सड़क मार्ग इस राज्य की यातायात का मुख्य माध्यम है। सिचय Ex:  He also said in a strip velvet, satin, that women and girls tied on their heads से वंचित करना Ex:  In terms of Lingerie designates a strip lace, tulle, embroidery separates or unites the two parts a fabric स्ट्रीप Ex:  It is also said in a small strip of cloth that is part of the facing of a uniform उ:   इसमें रिएजेंट स्ट्रीप का प्रयोग होता है। स्थलमार्ग Ex:  It says, in terms of architecture, the splines with strip adorning the columns, pilasters
As verb : नँगियाना Ex:  "a hole in the comics page that no strip has been able to fill". नँग्यावना Ex:  Watterson strove for a full-page version of his strip नंगा करना Ex:  During Watterson's first sabbatical from the strip हठाना Ex:  Large strip of cloth , which was once from right to left shaped harness and we still wore belt-like
Other : अपखण्ड Ex:  Isthumus is a narrow strip of land joining two larger areas of land. उघाड़ना Ex:  In the comic strip "Sherman's Lagoon" कतरन Ex:  It became a daily comic strip with a title on October 28 कपडे उतारना Ex:  Larry Gonick's comic strip Kokopelli & Company is set in "Kokonino County" कपड़े उतारना Ex:  Chris Ware admires the strip खंड Ex:  The comic strip The Far Side indicated this was a broader cultural phenomenon. उ:   महासमर का यह नवम और विशेष खंड है। खाल उधेडना Ex:  The strip projects from the main body of Namibia खाल उधेड़ना Ex:  Magnetic strip plastic tickets were used, in various forms. छिलना Ex:  The St Andrews Links occupy a narrow strip of land along the sea. छीन लेना Ex:  Each strip measures 80 micrometres by 12.6 centimetres. टुकड़ा Ex:  He explored various strip ideas टुकडा Ex:  Watterson began a new strip centered on them. टुकड़ा Ex:  But United Features rejected the new strip धज्जी Ex:  The 3,160th and final strip ran on Sunday हीन करना Ex:  Letters sealed on double tail, Those whose seal is on a folded strip of parchment that passes through the bottom of the document
Strip ki paribhasha : kisi doosare ki vastu jabaradasti le lena is prakaar katana jisamen oopari satah ya aavaran nikal jaay kapade, kaagaja, chamade ityaadi chaddar ke roop ki vastuon ki kati hui lnbi patali patti kapade, kaagaj ya dhaatu ki chaddar aadi ke ve chhote chhote raddi tukade jo kaatachhaaant ke pichhe bach rahate hain ooanche sthaan se niche sthaan men laana ek gahana jo pagadi men lagaaya jaata hai
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