Timber meaning in hindi | Timber ka matlab 

Timber meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Timber 
Usage of Timber: 1: unseasoned timber 2: The carpenter brought materials to timber the door . 3: Hungary lost 84% of its timber resources 4: Two of his timber Gothic churches survive at Kakanui and East Gore . 5: In grading lumber and structural timber 6: Utah areas were settled by Mormons who used the Kolob Canyons area for timber 7: Despite an Essex legend that the oak timber came from woods in Thundersley 8: Natural resources include timber 9: The rapid expansion of the timber industry 10: Thanks also to the overcutting of timber and collapsing sugar prices
Timber ki paribhasha : lnbaayi naapane ka ek saadhan ya aujaar ghar ki chhaajan ya paatan men laga hua lakadi ka balla jahaaj ke paarsha्v me lnbaayi ke bal men laga hua bad shahatir lakadi ka chira hua bahut bad aur lnba lattha jo praayaः imaarat ke kaam men aata hai tamasa naamak yajnapaatr jo kaath ka hota tha

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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