To release meaning in hindi | To release ka matlab 

To release meaning in hindi

How to pronounce To release 
Usage of To release: 1: Xie did not want to release this information. 2: Iris capsules split into three "valves" to release their seeds. 3: He promised to release all political prisoners. 4: Shakur agreed to release three records under the Death Row label. 5: The loss of hydraulic fluid caused the tail-hook to release 6: The plan was to have an album ready to release soon after the tour was finished 7: Celine Dion signed a deal with Coty to release Celine Dion Parfums. 8: Positive feedback due to release of CO2 and CH4 from thawing permafrost 9: Gaye wanted to release "What's Going On" . 10: CLAIM also means Intervene for someone to do to release

Usage of To release in sentences

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