able meaning in tamil

Word: able - The english word have 4 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adjectivein english.
Meaning of able in english - capable of performing, having an innate capacity, able to perform well, having a proven capacity

Meanings in tamil :

katiyullavan ( கதியுள்ளவன் )

Identical words :

able to afford protection - chalukaikkarar ( சலுகைக்காரர் )
able man - tiṟavali ( திறவாளி )
able to carry a load - takkuppoṟuttavan ( தாக்குப்பொறுத்தவன் )
able treatise on grammar - panamparanarchuttiram ( பனம்பாரனார்சூத்திரம் )
able to hold any situation - paripaki ( பரிபாகி )

Synonyms of able

good adept apt competent easy ready adequate strong intelligent smart adroit agile alert bright cunning deft dexterous effortless equipped facile fitted knowing powerful worthy endowed skilled effective efficient responsible prepared keen accomplished artful au fait brilliant clever effectual experienced expert gifted ingenious learned masterful masterly practiced proficient qualified savvy sharp skillful talented trained with it equal to know backwards and forwards know the ropes there up to it up to snuff up to speed

Antonyms of able

incompetent unskilled unsuitable inadequate incapable unable disinclined stupid unintelligent ineffective infirm powerless useless feeble inept slow delicate weak impotent ignorant idiotic
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