agree meaning in tamil

Word: agree - The english word have 5 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of verbin english.
Meaning of agree in english - be in unison, assent with another, be similar or consistent

Meanings in tamil :

nerpt ( நேர்பட )

Identical words :

As adjective :
agreeable - poruntu ( பொருந்து )
agreeing - poruttm ( பொருத்தம் )
agreement - manorachi ( மனோராசி )
agreement of two words of which the first is undeclined by case - alvazippunarchchi ( அல்வழிப்புணர்ச்சி )
agreement of words as of a nominative with a verb - avaynilai ( அவாய்நிலை )
agreeableness - manchulam ( மஞ்சுளம் )
agreeable to - el ( ஏல் )
agreement in several particulars - irachipporuttam ( இராசிப்பொருத்தம் )
agreeableness to the touch or ear - izumenl ( இழுமெனல் )
agreeable tamil language - irntamiz ( ஈர்ந்தமிழ் )
agreement in time in singing and dancing - ottu ( ஒத்து )
agree to - oppukkolla ( ஒப்புக்கொள்ள )
agreements - om ( ஓம் )
agreement in regard to a marriage portion among mohammedans - ktuttm ( கடுத்தம் )

Synonyms of agree

set concur grant recognize acknowledge concede sign admit settle allow comply accede okay acquiesce consent subscribe engage permit check bury the hatchet cut a deal play ball yes be of the same mind buy into clinch the deal come to terms give blessing give carte blanche give green light give the go-ahead go along with make a deal pass on see eye to eye shake on side with take one up on conform accord square concert fit consort attune tally concord correspond synchronize equal click answer cohere jibe suit harmonize coincide blend parallel match be in harmony fall in with get along with go hand in hand go together

Antonyms of agree

disapprove dispute reject deny refuse repudiate contradict dissent resist protest object disagree oppose contend decline differ question divide separate clash
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