breathing meaning in tamil

Word: breathing - The english word have 9 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adjectivein english.
Meaning of breathing in english - respiring, alive

Meanings in tamil :

As noun :
uyirppu ( உயிர்ப்பு )
chuvachm ( சுவாசம் )
chuvachkm ( சுவாசகம் )

Identical words :

breathing quickly from fulness - chittupputtenl ( சீத்துப்பூத்தெனல் )
breathing out - nichchuvacham ( நிச்சுவாசம் )
breathing of a yogi - piranayamam ( பிராணாயாமம் )

Synonyms of breathing

panting respiratory inhaling gasping wheezing living animate functioning awake

Antonyms of breathing

deceased breathless dead
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