abruptness meaning in telugu

Word: abruptness
Meaning of abruptness in english - slope, surprise

Meanings in telugu :

netramu ( నెట్రము )

Synonyms of abruptness

shelf ramp hill declivity tip cant bias bend pitch swag descent gradient skew lean sway inclination deviation diagonal downgrade bank bevel incline declination leaning deflection steepness obliqueness obliquity rising ground bewilderment consternation revelation shock jolt miracle disappointment curiosity amazement awe wonder astonishment phenomenon precipitance miscalculation portent disillusion prodigy start attack stupefaction kick godsend precipitation whammy fortune incredulity rarity wonderment marvel unexpected unforeseen eureka suddenness precipitousness thunderbolt bombshell epiphany astoundment curveball

Antonyms of abruptness

evenness upgrade level composure happiness expectation indifference calmness

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