abstain meaning in telugu

Word: abstain
 Meaning of abstain in english - hold back from doing

Meanings in telugu :

maanu ( మాను )

Synonyms of abstain

quit renounce refrain withhold forgo cease shun forbear decline refuse spurn avoid eschew stop fast abjure curb evade pass constrain abnegate do without pass up starve deny oneself fence-sit give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from sit on the fence sit out take the cure take the pledge

Antonyms of abstain

use continue do accept allow embrace want face meet encourage

Related English Telugu Meaning

abstinenceabstractabstractionabstruseabundance of food and raimentabundanceabundantabundantlyabuseabusive speech harshnessabysinianabyssinianacacia treeaccentacceptacceptance of almsacceptanceacclivityaccompanied by virtueaccompanied by
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