acceptance meaning in telugu

Word: acceptance
 Meaning of acceptance in english - agreement, taking, belief in goodness of something

Meanings in telugu :

chalaamani ( చలామణి )

Identical words :

acceptance of alms - pratigrahamu ( ప్రతిగ్రహము )

Synonyms of acceptance

acknowledgment consent admission compliance cooperation approval recognition reception getting nod undertaking receipt assent go-ahead okay permission yes green light receiving securing acquiring accepting gaining obtaining taking on accession affirmation adoption concession favor concurrence approbation acquiescence accedence

Antonyms of acceptance

denial disapproval dissension refusal veto dissent disbelief disagreement opposition rejection

Related English Telugu Meaning

acclivityaccompanied by virtueaccompanied byaccompaniment to an airaccompanimentaccompanyingaccomplishaccomplishedaccomplishingaccomplishmentaccordaccording toaccordinglyaccountaccountantaccoutredaccumulateaccumulated by ones own labouraccumulatedaccumulation
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