accord meaning in telugu

Word: accord
 Meaning of accord in english - agreement, mutual understanding (often written), give approval, grant, come to agreement

Meanings in telugu :

ēkibhavianchu ( ఏకీభవించు )

Identical words :

according to - vaari ( వారి )

Synonyms of accord

pact reconciliation deal correspondence congruence okay concert accordance concurrence unanimity concord treaty sympathy harmony rapport conformity 10-4 good vibes good vibrations bestow confer vouchsafe accede acquiesce render concede admit award allow tender endow present affirm square fit tally assent jibe suit harmonize match

Antonyms of accord

refusal disunity discord antagonism denial dissension disagreement difference opposition refuse withhold deny protest dissent dispute reject challenge disallow disapprove take argue oppose question contest

Related English Telugu Meaning

according toaccordinglyaccountaccountantaccoutredaccumulateaccumulated by ones own labouraccumulatedaccumulationaccurateaccusationaccusative caseaccusative ofaccustomed toaccustomedace in the game of cardsaceacerbity of tasteacheachievement
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