accomplish meaning in telugu

Word: accomplish
Meaning of accomplish in english - succeed in doing

Meanings in telugu :

havanianchu ( హవణించు )

Identical words :

As noun :
accomplishment - paryavasaanamu ( పర్యవసానము )
As adjective :
accomplished - tiru ( తీరు )
accomplishing - nivartakamu ( నివర్తకము )

Synonyms of accomplish

finish score conclude perform win manage reach pull off bring about produce attain carry out realize achieve hit effect consummate gain fulfill arrive bring off rack up take care of do a bang-up job do justice do one proud do the trick get someplace get there make hay make it nail it put it over

Antonyms of accomplish

destroy commence forfeit nullify relinquish fail lose miss neglect begin introduce start halt stop leave abandon give up

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