abstract meaning in telugu

Word: abstract
 Meaning of abstract in english - conceptual, theoretical, short document prepared from a longer one, take away from, prepare short document from longer one

Meanings in telugu :

eggurutu ( ఎగ్గురుతు )

Synonyms of abstract

philosophical unreal hypothetical abstruse ideal complex deep intellectual indefinite recondite transcendent transcendental nonconcrete compendium condensation outline brief summary synopsis conspectus digest abridgment précis résumé dissociate disconnect separate steal isolate remove disengage uncouple part withdraw detach extract take out abridge review shorten condense summarize

Antonyms of abstract

real ignorant factual objective simple concrete material physical document manuscript connect couple link combine unite remain insert complete lengthen attach join stay add fill introduce expand strengthen enlarge increase amplify

Related English Telugu Meaning

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