abuse meaning in telugu

Word: abuse
 Meaning of abuse in english - wrong use, physical hurting, injuring, verbal attack, physically hurt or injure, use wrongly, attack with words, take advantage of

Meanings in telugu :

zaadianchu ( ాడించు )

Synonyms of abuse

prostitution crime exploitation misdeed injustice wrongdoing offense misuse misconduct corruption desecration misapplication fault mismanage perversion mishandling debasement delinquency sin harm violation maltreatment damage injury pollution malevolence impairment defilement manhandling swearing put-down vilification obloquy tirade curse scolding defamation revilement derision invective libel censure blame opprobrium reproach castigation slander vituperation knifing curses quinine signifying upbraiding hosing insults bad-mouthing kicking around pushing around violate persecute mistreat molest beat up victimize roughhouse mishandle pollute ill-treat ruin mar taint hose desecrate spoil wax deprave total oppress cut up mess up rough up shake up bang up bung up squander exhaust overwork dissipate overburden waste prostitute overtax misemploy offend slap vituperate zing slam castigate vilify calumniate decry trash derogate discount belittle bash sound knock backbite minimize smear ride cap defame berate cut down pick on put down run down blow off cuss out cut to the quick do a number on dump on give a black eye hurl brickbat rag on rip up sling mud swear at tear apart do an injustice to

Antonyms of abuse

good deed obedience goodness aid preservation acclamation adulation commendation plaudit praise kindness help respect approval advantage favor benefit blessing pleasure flattery compliment exaltation assist improve protect clean honor purify sanctify grow cherish preserve prize revere acclaim adulate treasure treat well please defend care for esteem approve hoard

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