associated meaning in telugu

Word: associated
 Meaning of associated in english - connect in the mind, befriend

Meanings in telugu :

prayuktamu ( ప్రయుక్తము )

Synonyms of associated

join correlate combine mix identify link league group concord couple conjoin unite bracket affiliate pair yoke blend lump together think of together accompany mingle consort amalgamate hobnob confederate fraternize pool get together hang around tie up be friends be in cahoots buddy up bunch up come together gang up get in on get in with get into go along with go partners hang out hang out with join up with line up with pal up play footsie with run around with run with string along with swing with take up with team up throw in together tie in truck with

Antonyms of associated

disconnect dissociate detach disperse disjoin disunite avoid disassociate divorce divide separate part sever leave withdraw

Related English Telugu Meaning

association withassociationassoreasstagasstakeasstarassumeassumed by vyāpari brahminsassurance of security warrant of sefetyassuredlyasswordastable that has uneven legsasthmaastigerastonishedastonishmentastoundedastrial of memoryastrigencyastringent
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