bend meaning in telugu

Word: bend
Meaning of bend in english - curve, form or cause a curve, persuade, influence

Meanings in telugu :

vampu ( వంపు )

Identical words :

bending - namanamu ( నమనము )
bending of the body back-wards - naddi ( నడ్డి )

Synonyms of bend

bending sag twist crook arc corner angle tilt yaw lean deviation curvature tack zigzag hook shift bow turn round loop deflection flexure curvation crouch incline veer buckle stoop curl swerve pervert deform verge droop spiral warp circle detour contort waver arch crimp wilt double genuflect careen crinkle wind camber incurvate angle away angle off mold sway yield subdue shape compel direct submit

Antonyms of bend

stagnation line straighten beautify rise

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