bill meaning in telugu

Word: bill
 Meaning of bill in english - account of charges, money owed, list, circular, piece of legislation, piece of paper money, beak of animal, charge money for goods, services, advertise

Meanings in telugu :

hundi ( హుండి )

Identical words :

As noun :
billow - lahari ( లహరి )
billet - killaaku ( కిల్లాకు )
billows - nettarulu ( నెత్తరులు )
bill of divorcement - paarikhattu ( పారీఖత్తు )
billiousness - paityamu ( పైత్యము )

Synonyms of bill

note debt check statement knock invoice IOU damage chit score tab reckoning bad news itemized account request for payment statement of indebtedness program card agenda handbill notice placard schedule poster roster handout leaflet syllabus catalogue flyer inventory advertisement bulletin listing playbill affiche proposal act draft measure projected law proposed act buck certificate dollar currency skin greenback long green bank note projection nib neb pecker mandible render figure record debit solicit chase dun bone draw upon put the arm on put the bite on put the squeeze on announce book

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