bits meaning in telugu

Word: bits
 Meaning of bits in english - tiny piece, short period of time, computer information

Meanings in telugu :

tuttumuru ( తుత్తుమురు )

Identical words :

bits of gold innecklace - pallu ( పల్లు )

Synonyms of bits

sample slice trace item fragment chunk shard dose snippet sliver niggle lick stump speck chip atom morsel dollop moiety excerpt segment section modicum tittle iota jot dab share scintilla splinter molecule lump snatch sprinkling mite smidgen specimen droplet crumb driblet particle flake shred trickle dot chicken feed taste portion dash scale end stub fraction peanuts shaving division parcel butt pinch grain scrap moment while instant space stretch spell jiffy second tick minute little while data 1 binary digit

Antonyms of bits

whole entirety glob lot

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