blanket meaning in telugu

Word: blanket
 Meaning of blanket in english - comprehensive, cover, covering

Meanings in telugu :

razaayi ( రాయి )

Identical words :

blanketusually black - kambaLamu ( కంబళము )

Synonyms of blanket

sweeping across-the-board unconditional absolute overall all-inclusive powerful wide-ranging layer sheet quilt coat coating rug cloak comforter carpet fleece envelope wrapper puff sheath afghan coverlet throw film mat bury obscure surround hide overlay conceal mask overcast crown suppress eclipse cloud

Antonyms of blanket

conditional incomplete limited uncomprehensive uncover release disclose divulge unmask explain reveal free let go expose lay bare let out open show tell

Related English Telugu Meaning

blanketusually blackblasted ears of corn which are thought to be hurtful to the health of cattleblasted grainblastedblaze of beautyblazeblazinglybleachedbleachingclothblemishblendingblessed foodblessedblessednessblessing sought in prayerblessingblestblight which destroys treesblightblighted
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