break meaning in telugu

Word: break
Meaning of break in english - fissure, opening, interruption of activity, change from friendly to unfriendly relationship, lucky happening, destroy, make whole into pieces, violate law, weaken, cause instability, stop an action, tell news, better a performance, emerge, happen, run away, cushion something's effect

Meanings in telugu :

bhangamu ( భంగము )

Identical words :

break forth - ankurianchu ( అంకురించు )
breaking - sphōtamu ( స్ఫోటము )
break out as thieves - chelarēgu ( చెలరేగు )
breakingfast - paaran ( పారణ )

Synonyms of break

crack gap rift division gash tear discontinuity schism split fracture breach cleft disjunction rupture rent blow recess layoff intermission interval hiatus rest time off pause lull suspension respite letup caesura interlude lacuna downtime breather halt breathing space coffee break cutoff apnea ten time out trouble fight alienation clash divergence misunderstanding altercation estrangement separation disaffection dispute difference of opinion shot advantage chance opportunity occasion accident fortune show good luck stroke of luck favorable circumstances smash crash burst separate shatter damage crush snap sever demolish trash divide fragment disintegrate splinter bust eradicate part batter annihilate shiver total rend torpedo bust up finish off make hash of make mincemeat of pull to pieces contravene disobey infringe disregard offend infract transgress renege on subdue incapacitate impair controvert cripple impoverish demote enervate bankrupt refute ruin tame disprove demoralize reduce degrade downgrade pauperize undermine humiliate confound cow demerit enfeeble dispirit rebut confute declass disconfirm abandon discontinue suspend give up disclose reveal communicate divulge proclaim inform convey impart transmit announce come out let out make public pass on beat surpass exceed excel outstrip outdo go beyond develop appear transpire befall erupt betide occur come off burst out come forth come to pass escape dash fly decamp flee abscond clear out get out bust out cut and run get away lighten lessen soften diminish

Antonyms of break

closing juncture binding fastening continuation continuity bad luck misfortune closure agreement connection association attachment combination persistence energy marriage peace concord harmony union mend combine unite aid put together obey stabilize cause hide wait fix lose join help secure strengthen allow keep quiet secret stay regard assist improve upgrade invigorate grow support encourage promote endorse raise approve elevate restart continue conceal withhold suppress bottle up refrain secrete cover keep secret take fail fall behind be inferior remain face increase enlarge expand extend

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