buffalo meaning in telugu

Word: buffalo
 Meaning of buffalo in english - baffle, bully, cow, deceive, flummox, foil, get, hoodwink, impress, intimidate, mystify, nonplus, perplex, puzzle, unnerve, ungulate

Meanings in telugu :

gaavu ( గావు )

Identical words :

Synonyms of buffalo

elude stump dumbfound bewilder faze befuddle confuse astound confound amaze daze embarrass stun disconcert floor rattle muddle addle stick throw mix up terrorize torture hector bludgeon coerce harass torment persecute threaten oppress browbeat bulldoze menace bluster tyrannize swagger enforce domineer dragoon showboat overbear despotize lean on ride roughshod turn on the heat walk heavy dishearten subdue frighten appall daunt strong-arm dismay discomfit abash awe scare overawe push around fool trick victimize cheat swindle dupe betray disappoint entrap circumvent falsify defraud delude scam clip rob ensnare hoax hook beguile fake sell screw gouge gull outwit cozen bamboozle burn humbug fleece bilk skin double-cross put on take advantage of take in beat out of cross up impose upon lead on play joke on pull fast one suck in take for take for ride take to cleaners discombobulate throw off hinder prevent thwart counter frustrate nullify curb cramp skip shake dash duck ditch check stymie restrain checkmate crimp dodge balk crab stop defeat foul up shake off bollix juke get around give the run-around give the slip hang up run circles around run rings around shuffle off throw monkey wrench in upset the apple cart disturb perturb distress mislead bluff gyp hornswoggle kid pull a fast one take for a ride take to the cleaners pull the wool over one's eyes thrill excite touch affect sway inspire slay move pique arouse kill carry provoke electrify score galvanize strike stir grandstand register stimulate grab knock out show off enthuse be conspicuous blow away make a hit make an impression make splash constrain alarm terrify bait dispirit compel badger hound disquiet ruffle oblige spook chill bowl over twist someone's arm lie lick escape befog fog in astonish fluster discountenance boggle paralyze overcome flurry stagger take aback throw into tizzy mess with one's head rattle one's cage complicate encumber surprise entangle muck discompose thicken ravel involve beset jumble stumble get to muddy the waters snarl up bemuse distract flabbergast snow obscure put off profundicate psych out discourage unsettle undermine agitate demoralize weaken needle disarm unhinge enfeeble enervate give a turn uncalm hog horse elephant pig swine cattle tapir camel deer rhinoceros giraffe llama

Antonyms of buffalo

enlighten explain explicate comfort soothe abet aid assist clear up help clarify encourage relieve support alleviate delight please make happy boost allow leave alone hearten calm incite gladden embolden inspirit protect release give offer let go be honest facilitate placate liberate surrender forward face meet lose overtake overthrow give in misconstrue misunderstand dissuade order fail miss pass yield depart mismanage discourage be serious create bear give birth stop bore depress take apart neglect reassure educate expect exclude untangle organize untwist appease elucidate illustrate unravel not care nerve settle strengthen

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