butcher meaning in telugu

Word: butcher
 Meaning of butcher in english - meat killer, seller, slay and prepare animal for meat, ruin

Meanings in telugu :

saunikudu ( సౌనికుడు )

Synonyms of butcher

slayer slaughterer boner skinner processor meat person meatmarket person cut clean liquidate salt joint cure stick smoke carve dress beef up cut down mutilate destroy wreck spoil botch screw up bollix up louse up goof up

Antonyms of butcher

create build

Related English Telugu Meaning

buttbutter which has been melted and clarifiedbutter-batbutter-milkbutterbuttermilk diluted with waterbuttermilk seasoned with spicesbuttermilkbuttockbuttonbuttwith the hornsbuying and sellingbuzzbuzzing noisebuzzing soundbuzzingby an evil spiritby chanceby degreesby insects boring through wood
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