check meaning in telugu

Word: check
Meaning of check in english - inspection, examination, restraint, hindrance, symbol for ticking off, pattern of squares, inspect, examine, hinder, restrain

Meanings in telugu :

nirōdhamu ( నిరోధము )

Identical words :

Synonyms of check

checkup audit review analysis research control investigation inquiry test rein poll scrutiny blow limitation rejection reverse constraint holdup stoppage frustration obstruction inhibition harness curb disappointment reversal damper setback impediment trouble grunt rebuff restrainer cross sign mark stroke score line dot X patchwork plaid quilt tartan checkerboard find out probe go through monitor confirm verify scrutinize correct try investigate analyze study case count compare prove overlook quiz note frisk ascertain candle tell look at eyeball balance account enquire about keep account look over look see make sure scout out take stock prevent halt reduce arrest repulse thwart neutralize terminate obviate snub counteract tame circumvent bottleneck repress delay checkmate moderate frustrate suppress retard stay baffle foil pause impede interrupt discourage bar preclude choke withhold squelch bridle cut short hold back nip in the bud hold down hold in keep back play for time rein in slacken pace

Antonyms of check

aid assistance indulgence liberation permission allowance help advantage success encouragement happiness good fortune freedom approval facilitation support boost blessing ignore disprove invalidate estimate guess expedite liberate permit forget neglect abet release include welcome facilitate let go continue forward open approve

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