close friend meaning in telugu

Word: close friend
 Meaning of close friend in english - blood brother, blood sister, bosom friend, birds of a feather

Meanings in telugu :

nechcheli ( నెచ్చెలి )

Synonyms of close friend

brother german sister german companion confidant pal soul mate best friend bosom buddy dear friend couple pair Bobbsey twins close friends compadres comrades matching set peas in a pod two minds thinking as one

Related English Telugu Meaning

close of the dayclose resemblanceclose texturecloseclosed up to fall inclosedcloseness of textureclosenessclosetclosing the eyesclosingclot of bloodclotcloth cover overcarriagecloth covercloth in generalcloth ofvariegated colorcloth tied over the mouth ofvesselcloth worn round the lionscloth woven of cotton
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