close meaning in telugu

Word: close
 Meaning of close in english - near, nearby, dense, cramped, accurate, precise, intimate, oppressive, humid, secret, reserved, stingy, ending, obstruct, seal, complete, finish, stop, join, unite

Meanings in telugu :

saandramu ( సాంద్రము )

Identical words :

As noun :
closeness - pont ( పొంత )
closet - chavik ( చవిక )
close friend - nechcheli ( నెచ్చెలి )
As adjective :
close by - zadd ( డ్డ )
closed - kadaveLlu ( కడవెళ్లు )
close at hand - sannihitamu ( సన్నిహితము )
closeness of texture - ottu ( ఒత్తు )
close fight - niyuddhamu ( నియుద్ధము )
closed up to fall in - poodu ( పూడు )
close of the day - saayamu ( సాయము )
close resemblance - saaroopyamu ( సారూప్యము )
close texture - suggaditanamu ( సుగ్గడితనము )

Synonyms of close

convenient warm adjacent neighboring adjoining handy impending approaching at hand contiguous immediate imminent nearly next proximate nearest abutting nigh across the street around the corner give or take a little hard by in spitting distance in the ball park near-at-hand under one's nose solid tight compact firm short crowded confining restricted confined thick narrow packed congested impenetrable impermeable substantial consolidated cropped circumscribed close-grained jam-packed similar resembling literal exact faithful conscientious lifelike devoted familiar dear related private loving chummy confidential inseparable palsy-walsy attached buddy-buddy cozy with kissing cousins making it with on top of each other thick as thieves thick with heavy sweltering stifling stale breathless moldy motionless muggy musty stagnant sticky stuffy sultry uncomfortable airless fusty choky suffocating stale-smelling sweltry unventilated secluded hidden retired closemouthed hush-hush reticent secretive silent taciturn tight-lipped uncommunicative buttoning up clamming up close-lipped on the Q. T. tight chops unforthcoming buttoning one's lip mum's the word zipping one's lips penny-pinching skinflint mean chintzy closefisted illiberal miserly parsimonious penurious skimpy ungenerous mingy niggardly tight-fisted conclusion culmination completion adjournment finale period denouement cease cessation termination windup desistance shutter block clog secure slam exclude fill occlude dam screen cork bang bolt clench plug stopper bar choke fasten clap turn off caulk prevent passage put to retard flow shut off stop up do halt conclude cap terminate clear clinch discontinue culminate fold ultimate determine consummate call off cut loose shut down wind up wrap up button down button up call it a day drop the curtain fold up pack it in put a lid on put to bed sew up wind down meet agree chain bind couple coalesce grapple fuse connect tie encounter put together tie up inclose

Antonyms of close

far faraway inaccurate unfriendly unreserved distant remote beyond detached loose open imprecise cool dry generous giving uncramped large unabridged slack lengthy long empty uncrowded free clear uncongested inexact unreliable foreign slight sociable public commencement initiation beginning opening start unblock loosen unlock liberate release permit unseal disjoin disunite unclog let go unfasten allow unclose unplug unstop continue not finish initiate disconnect untie divide

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