close by meaning in telugu

Word: close by
 Meaning of close by in english - adjacent, alongside, handy, convenient, near, nearby

Meanings in telugu :

zadd ( డ్డ )

Synonyms of close by

neighboring contiguous adjoining bordering beside close touching next door side by side along the side of apace with at the side of by the side of close at hand equal with in company with next to parallel to accessible available ready close-at-hand near-at-hand on hand within reach immediate central on tap all around at elbows at fingertips close-by easy to reach in neighborhood nigh on deck under one's nose warm burning abreast conterminous practically proximate abutting along toward approximal at close quarters close shave in close proximity not remote side-by-side vincinal hair's breadth

Antonyms of close by

divided disconnected far faraway separate apart detached distant remote nonadjacent unavailable inconvenient useless bumbling bungling clumsy unhandy inconveniently awkward hard inept inappropriate ineffectual inopportune unsuited out-of-the-way unadaptable unuseful deferred postponed gone cool expired past

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