counter meaning in telugu

Word: counter
Meaning of counter in english - opposite, opposing, contrary, reverse, answer, respond in retaliation

Meanings in telugu :

maarat ( మారట )

Identical words :

counteracting - pratikaaramu ( ప్రతికారము )
counteracting evil effects - haramu ( హరము )

Synonyms of counter

antithetical conflicting antipodal contrasting obverse converse opposed contradictory adverse against antagonistic diametric polar antipodean impeding hindering obstructive versus at variance with contrarily contrariwise conversely in defiance of resist foil offset retaliate counteract buck return frustrate vie beat circumvent ruin bilk cross parry dash contravene disappoint meet backtalk pit match take on thumbs down ward off counterwork fly in the face of have bone to pick hit back

Antonyms of counter

harmonious similar agreeing corresponding concurring corroborating equal same equally similarly aid assist facilitate permit help support allow encourage divide

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