crack meaning in telugu

Word: crack
 Meaning of crack in english - super, first-rate, break, crevice, loud sound, usually from hitting, attempt to do something, joke, break, usually into parts, lose self-control, hit very hard, discover meaning, answer

Meanings in telugu :

sariy ( సరియ )

Identical words :

As noun :
cracker - pataaki ( పటాకి )
As adjective :
cracked - ōti ( ఓటి )
cracking noise - katukatu ( కటుకటు )
crackingly - neLineLi ( నెళినెళి )
crackasfruit - chitlu ( చిట్లు )
cracks in it - naarattamu ( నారట్టము )
cracks - nerulu ( నెరులు )
crackof the fingers - metik ( మెటిక )

Synonyms of crack

superior expert ace crackerjack pro choice adept capital elite best able deluxe excellent first-class proficient skilled skillful talented handpicked rift fissure chip gap split fracture breach hole chink division interstice cranny crevasse discontinuity interval rime cut rent cleft rima rimation explosion stroke noise shot burst pop slam go belt blow clip boom thump snap wham whack crash buffet smack stab slap wallop report blast bash smash thwack bang clout cuff clap splintering splitting whirl fling try opportunity remark return quip dig insult gag jibe jest witticism wisecrack funny remark smart remark chop injure damage hurt explode rive impair cleave crackle detonate shiver sever collapse flip succumb yield blow up go crazy go to pieces break down become deranged become insane bug out give way go bonkers lose it blow one's mind thunder solve decipher decode decrypt fathom work out cryptanalyze figure out

Antonyms of crack

lower minor unskilled worst inferior poor inept bad low-class closing closure loss quiet failure compliment flattery praise combine mend aid assist heal unite misunderstand fix cure help join be calm

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