current meaning in telugu

Word: current
 Meaning of current in english - contemporary, common, flow of something, usually water

Meanings in telugu :

haalu ( హాలు )

Identical words :

currentriver - ōdik ( ఓడిక )

Synonyms of current

modern ongoing present prevailing instant general ruling now fad accepted accustomed afoot circulating customary doing extant fashionable hot in vogue popular prevalent rampant regnant rife state-of-the-art topical trendy up-to-date widespread existent present-day swinging common knowledge cutting-edge going around in circulation in progress in the mainstream in the news in use leading-edge on front burner tide flood river rush run progression jet juice drift spate course flux draught ebb and flow

Antonyms of current

antiquated old-fashioned past uncommon

Related English Telugu Meaning

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