daring meaning in telugu

Word: daring
 Meaning of daring in english - adventurous, boldness

Meanings in telugu :

saahasamu ( సాహసము )

Identical words :

daring man - dattudu ( దట్టుడు )

Synonyms of daring

foolhardy fearless audacious impulsive gutsy smart courageous reckless forward game brave rash brassy cheeky cocky crusty gritty impudent intrepid nervy obtrusive out on a limb plucky salty spunky temerarious valiant venturesome adventuresome smart-alecky fire eating go for broke gutty hot shot fearlessness audacity courageousness nerve daredeviltry daredevilry adventurousness audaciousness braveness venturesomeness impudence valiance adventuresomeness daringness cockiness

Antonyms of daring

careful cautious cowardly meek timid bashful unwilling thoughtful afraid fearful shy weak chicken unadventurous cowardice

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