deep meaning in telugu

Word: deep
Meaning of deep in english - extending very far, usually down, abstract, complicated in meaning, scheming, devious, absorbed, engrossed in activity, intense in effect on senses, the sea

Meanings in telugu :

vipulamu ( విపులము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
deep seated - vidradhi ( విద్రధి )
deep pit - gollamu ( గొల్లము )
deep sighing - nittoorupu ( నిట్టూరుపు )
deep blue - nilamu ( నీలము )
deep consideration - paryaalōchanamu ( పర్యాలోచనము )
deep breathing - bus ( బుస )
deep crack - lōy ( లోయ )
deep saucer - vesal ( వెసల )
deep sleep - sushupti ( సుషుప్తి )

Synonyms of deep

wide rooted profound broad deep-seated buried underground low abysmal below beneath bottomless distant immersed inmost subterranean unfathomable abyssal submarine yawning downreaching fathomless subaqueous submerged sunk heavy acute complex serious hidden difficult occult secret wise abstruse arcane concealed discerning esoteric hermetic incisive intricate learned mysterious obscure penetrating recondite sagacious sibylline Delphic orphic hard to understand tricky sharp knowing keen cunning designing artful astute canny crafty foxy insidious intriguing shrewd sly wily guileful contriving plotting set intent musing lost abstracted concentrated engaged fixed into preoccupied rapt wrapped centered enfolded focused wrapped up great vivid dark rich strong extreme alto contralto grave resonant sonorous booming low-pitched baritone bass full-toned low-toned ocean blue drink briny middle brine main the high seas Davy Jones's locker

Antonyms of deep

restricted frivolous ignorant superficial trivial unintelligent aboveboard artless flighty pale narrow shallow open quiet soft unimportant stupid known slight easy happy plain simple frank honest blunt dull slow cheerful weak poor mild

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