deformed meaning in telugu

Word: deformed
Meaning of deformed in english - disfigured, distorted

Meanings in telugu :

viroopamu ( విరూపము )

Identical words :

deformed person - dodav ( దొడవ )
deformed palm tree - kōdaadu ( కోదాడు )
deformed man - pōgandudu ( పోగండుడు )

Synonyms of deformed

damaged awry misshapen twisted gnarled crippled bowed disjointed bent crooked knotted maimed cramped curved askew grotesque irregular malformed ugly contorted mangled warped scarred buckled blemished marred humpbacked hunchbacked ill-made misproportioned

Antonyms of deformed

OK beautiful graceful shapely symmetrical straight untwisted free beautified

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