depress meaning in telugu

Word: depress
Meaning of depress in english - deject, make despondent, exhaust, devalue, push down

Meanings in telugu :

kuanchu ( కుంచు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
depressing - umbhanamu ( ఉంభనము )
depressedas the nose - chituku ( చితుకు )
depression - chott ( చొట్ట )

Synonyms of depress

dismay discourage slow dampen dispirit sadden disturb bother upset weigh down afflict reduce lower dishearten daunt trouble sap dull weaken desolate distress perturb debilitate devitalize torment mortify enervate abase debase scorn mock beat weary drag darken degrade press bug chill drain cow faze try ail oppress bear down put down run down beat down bum out cast down keep under reduce to tears throw cold water on turn one off impair diminish lessen downgrade cheapen depreciate droop level squash couch settle sink dip flatten let down demit press down

Antonyms of depress

hearten delight comfort aid increase assist improve calm soothe energize invigorate praise activate exalt honor upgrade admire excite stimulate uplift encourage make happy inspirit cheer order help please strengthen flatter elevate approve push up enlarge grow compliment enhance laud expand extend

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