dirt meaning in telugu

Word: dirt
 Meaning of dirt in english - grime, impurity, obscenity, immorality, soil, gossip

Meanings in telugu :

mail ( మైల )

Identical words :

As noun :
dirtiness - makil ( మకిల )
As adjective :
dirty - apasmaaramu ( అపస్మారము )
dirty clothes - mayil ( మయిల )
dirty pond - padiy ( పడియ )
dirt on the teeth - bampu ( బంపు )
dirt in the hair - pisak ( పిసక )
dirty grain - maati ( మాటీ )

Synonyms of dirt

excrement muck mud stain ground filth tarnish mire smut crud slime smudge dregs filthiness gook feculence gunk sleaze rottenness dreck scuz double-dealing indecency chicanery pornography fraud lubricity fourberie dust earth clay real estate terra firma loam news rumor talk buzz intimate intelligence juicy morsel

Antonyms of dirt

cleanliness pureness sterility morality purity honesty truthfulness

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