dissimulation meaning in telugu

Word: dissimulation
 Meaning of dissimulation in english - camouflage, concealment, cover-up, deceit, deception, disguise, duplicity, equivocation, falsehood, guile, hypocrisy, imposition, make-believe, mask, masquerade, pretense, wile, pretending, dissemblance, pharisaism, phoniness, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, shiftiness, tartuffery, tergiversation, two-facedness

Meanings in telugu :

kapatamu ( కపటము )

Synonyms of dissimulation

veil cloak blind beard front shroud screen paint shade mimicry red herring smokescreen masking faking coverup deceptive marking false appearance plain brown wrapper protective coloring hideaway covering privacy secretion curtain obliteration smoke screen wraps occultation laundromat fig leaf hide-out obscuration conspiracy evasion complicity burial whitewash closeting disguising hush-up placing under wraps seal of secrecy smoke-screen veil of secrecy fraud trickery dishonesty chicanery treachery double-dealing craft cheating slyness artifice craftiness deceitfulness ambidexterity cunning dirty pool smoke and mirrors two-timing underhandedness fraudulence ambidextrousness trapping cozening defrauding dirty dealing entrapping overreaching betrayal untruth mendacity lying trickiness prevarication insincerity sophism flimflam trumpery circumvention legerdemain treason blarney juggling snow job disinformation boondoggle deceptiveness dupery beguilement cozenage hokum defraudation fast one pretension costume facade dress counterfeit pseudonym charade illusion veneer put-on pageant pretentiousness false front pen name get-up dualism perfidy perfidiousness faithlessness one-upmanship skullduggery dirty work treacherousness duality Judas kiss dirty trick stab in back twoness delusion waffle casuistry spuriousness fib ambiguity song speciousness doubtfulness line misrepresentation stall sophistry fallacy distortion cop out double entendre double talk run-around song and dance stonewall equivocality amphibology fibbing hedging shuffling double meaning quibbling routine tall tale falsity misstatement perjury sham fabrication falseness canard fable story fiction whopper figment hogwash yarn untruthfulness error erroneousness fakery fallaciousness feigning fibbery half truth untruism sellout artfulness ruse double-cross foul play stab in the back jive wiliness sharp practice mockery bigotry cant pietism quackery affectation irreverence display imposture lip service glibness unctuousness dissembling bad faith false profession pharisaicalness stratagem hoax hocus-pocus fantasy imagination dream fairy tale playacting visor visage show aspect pretext pose simulation window dressing disguisement domino circus revel impersonation festivity carnival subterfuge Mardi Gras masked ball mummery costume ball claim gag invention ostentation excuse stunt posing falsification schtick posturing dumb act scam twist device racket gimmick plot ploy dodge maneuver lure slant feint game contrivance angle shenanigans setup horseplay switch gambit monkey business scheming little game monkeyshines counterfeiting shamming bluffing unlikeness euphemism shuffle hedge equivoque

Antonyms of dissimulation

disclosure revelation divulgence exposition showing telling fairness honesty frankness truthfulness sincerity reality uprightness openness trustworthiness forthrightness artlessness faithfulness loyalty honor personality back rear character constancy clarity certainty fact surety directness facing meeting non-fiction naivety righteousness advantage aid profit benefit blessing help existence substance simplicity quiet stupidity

Related English Telugu Meaning

dissipatedissipateddissipatesdissolutiondistance from the elbow to the extremity of the little fingerdistance of about two milesdistancedistanceman can rundistant kinsmandistant relationdistant relationsdistantdistildistilleddistincion of rankdistinctdistinctiondistinguisheddistinguishing mark impresseddistorted
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