drawing meaning in telugu

Word: drawing
 Meaning of drawing in english - illustration

Meanings in telugu :

aakarshamu ( ఆకర్షము )

Identical words :

drawing up - aakuanchanamu ( ఆకుంచనము )
drawing out wire - kammachchu ( కమ్మచ్చు )
drawing water - chēd ( చేద )
drawing spirits - batti ( బట్టి )
drawing water fromwell - rēk ( రేక )
drawing water from wells to irrigate the fields - mōt ( మోట )

Synonyms of drawing

picture sketch layout etching study work of art depiction design graphics likeness painting cartoon representation delineation portrayal doodle outline tracing comp commercial art

Related English Telugu Meaning

drawmilkdreaddreadfuldreamdreamingdrearydregs of oildregsdressdresseddressing fooddressingdried cocoanutdried figdried fleshdried gingerdried plantain fibredried rough palmyra boughdried skindried vegetable anything that has dried up
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