dull meaning in telugu

Word: dull
Meaning of dull in english - unintelligent, insensitive, boring, uninteresting, not sharp, uneventful, drab, lackluster in effect on senses

Meanings in telugu :

stimitamu ( స్తిమితము )

Identical words :

dullness - maandyamu ( మాంద్యము )
dull man - bayyadu ( బయ్యడు )

Synonyms of dull

tedious dim slow simple stupid dumb sluggish addled shallow backward besotted brainless daffy daft dense dim-witted half-baked ignorant indolent insensate moronic obtuse scatterbrained stolid thick vacuous wearisome witless doltish feeble-minded imbecilic simple-minded not bright numskulled unintellectual flat quiet lifeless listless placid slack depressed callous accustomed blank still empty apathetic colorless dead heavy impassible inactive indifferent inert insensible jejune languid lumpy monotonous prosaic regular routine spiritless stagnant torpid unexciting unresponsive unsympathetic usual passionless dry humdrum repetitive dreary tame dismal tiresome stale ordinary plain stock tired archaic arid blah common commonplace familiar hackneyed hoary insipid out-of-date pointless prolix repetitious run-of-the-mill soporific trite unimaginative vapid worn-out uninspiring abused driveling big yawn ho hum longwinded oft-repeated prosy usual thing square blunt round edentate blunted turned edentulate edgeless not keen toothless unpointed unsharpened tight slothful draggy falling off sitting tight without incident subdued muddy somber hazy dark cloudy cold soft obscure blind overcast muffled black faded sober ashen dingy dusky grimy indistinct leaden mousy murky opaque shadowy sooty muted dun matte softened subfusc toned-down

Antonyms of dull

exciting interesting intelligent cognizant witty lively vivacious knifelike serrated eventful lustrous bright smart active fast keen sharp quick sensitive pointed clear light luminous agitated energetic spirited alert satisfied filled full pleasant happy dishonest excited cheerful visible rough brilliant distinct good apparent

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