fall upon meaning in telugu

Word: fall upon
Meaning of fall upon in english - beset, come at, lunge, pounce, raid, strike, stumble

Meanings in telugu :

kaviyu ( కవియు )

Synonyms of fall upon

bedevil perplex besiege beleaguer surround embarrass invade overrun hassle infest encompass ring badger aggress nudge nag pester attack storm circle encircle assail bug entangle girdle ride dog harass environ harry enclose pick on drive up the wall fall on give a bad time give a hard time give one the business give the needle put the squeeze on start in on jump on one's case assault charge go for rush fly at light into poke lurch bound leap stab thrust dash cut hit burst surge push plunge pitch jab set upon snatch spring dive drop dart swoop ambush take unawares bomb plunder rob bombard blockade ransack loot forage sweep foray slough breach waste pirate shell devastate inroad rake despoil heat rifle sally maraud break in knock off sally forth spoliate strafe torpedo descend on fire on knock over lean against lean on march on tip over try afflict smite torture excruciate harrow torment martyr wring rack deal a blow bump discover chance meet find encounter luck come across turn up blunder upon chance upon come up against light upon run across

Antonyms of fall upon

explain surrender exclude aid unloose release assist please clarify clear up leave alone free support lose let go help dissuade repress retreat discourage ascend construct improve guard protect give receive save build make happy tap miss not touch pass up pass by avoid fail

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