fancy meaning in telugu

Word: fancy
Meaning of fancy in english - extravagant, ornamental, impulse, urge, liking, dream, imagine, create, love, desire

Meanings in telugu :

mōzu ( మోు )

Synonyms of fancy

decorative gaudy lavish sumptuous elegant complicated ornate deluxe special elaborate custom chichi rich baroque rococo cushy fanciful florid intricate ostentatious resplendent showy spiffy unusual frilly adorned garnished gingerbread decorated beautifying embellished froufrou imagination inclination impression whim image creation mind idea thought contrariness perverseness caprice humor flash irrationality conception vagary conceit will thing pleasure groove notion cup of tea velleity visualization druthers weakness for fool's paradise fantasy yen figment delusion yearning invention chimera mirage penchant hankering nightmare fabrication illusion picture itch reverie partiality predilection preference phantasm relish fondness daydream imaginativeness hallucination vision pie in the sky pipe dream envisioning romancing sweet tooth big eyes envisagement eyes for visualize phantom conceive believe conjecture reckon suppose feature realize fantasize infer spark guess think surmise dream up head trip make up spitball be inclined to think think likely think up trump up make up off top of one's head crave sanction favor endorse approve crazy about fall for wish for care for be attracted to be captivated by be enamored of be in love with dream of long for lust after mad for take a liking to take to wild for yearn for

Antonyms of fancy

unadorned ugly plain simple poor unornamented unfancy physicality death dislike hate hatred sadness reality concrete unhappiness certainty fact truth actuality disinterest misunderstand disbelieve measure disregard ignore neglect calculate disapprove refuse reject

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