fast meaning in telugu

Word: fast
 Meaning of fast in english - speedy, fixed, immovable, immoral, promiscuous, speedily, fixedly, abstention from eating, go without food

Meanings in telugu :

zotazot ( ొటొట )

Identical words :

fast observed on the day preceding the ceremony in which oblations are presented to the manes of departed ancestors - ativaasamu ( అతివాసము )
fasting - pastu ( పస్తు )
fast run - daudu ( దౌడు )
fastness - nepparamu ( నెప్పరము )
fasten in the ground - paatu ( పాతు )
fast tied - sannibaddhamu ( సన్నిబద్ధము )

Synonyms of fast

rapid agile brisk nimble hot quick swift fleeting electric flying hurried ready accelerated dashing snap racing active breakneck expeditious hasty on the double posthaste presto pronto snappy winged flashing PDQ blue streak chop-chop double-time expeditive hairtrigger hypersonic in a jiffy in nothing flat lickety split like a bat out of hell like all get out like crazy like mad speedball supersonic velocious screamin' tight durable sure stable sound firm faithful set fastened secure stuck fortified held adherent permanent staunch close constant constrained lasting ardent impregnable indelible inextricable loyal resistant resolute steadfast tenacious unwavering true attached wedged glued true blue loose easy debauched wanton light depraved libertine gadabout wild dissipated bawdy profligate careless devil-may-care dissolute extravagant flirtatious frivolous giddy incontinent indecent intemperate lascivious lecherous lewd libidinous licentious lustful rakish reckless salacious self-indulgent sportive sporty unchaste self-gratifying rapidly swiftly soon quickly apace flat-out hastily in a flash promptly expeditiously fleetly full tilt hurriedly in haste in short order like a flash like a shot like greased lightning like wildfire hard deeply firmly securely solidly soundly steadfastly tightly abstinence diet xerophagy fasting abstain forbear refrain starve famish deny oneself go hungry

Antonyms of fast

clumsy sluggish boring tardy unhurried impermanent movable unattached moral slow dull plodding flexible insecure loose unfixed good upright wobbly unstable changeable indefinite irresolute disloyal inconstant unreliable untrue inaccurate uncertain undecided unprotected ephemeral temporary soft weak moving wavering open ending virtuous careful chaste strict clean pure uncorrupt decent gentle nice slowly loosely unfixedly indulgence eating feast gluttony gorging stuffing

Related English Telugu Meaning

fasten in the groundfastingfastnessfat forming lines across the belly over the navelfatfatefather by bloodas distinguished from an adopted fatherfather of watersfather-in-lawfatherfathers sisterfathersfathomfatiguefatiguedfatnessfaultfaultlessfavoritefavour
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