fee meaning in telugu

Word: fee
 Meaning of fee in english - charge for service or privilege

Meanings in telugu :

siddaayamu ( సిద్దాయము )

Identical words :

As noun :
feel - sansparsh ( సంస్పర్శ )
As adjective :
feeble - krishamu ( కృశము )
feeling - sparsh ( స్పర్శ )
feeding - praashanamu ( ప్రాశనము )
feed on - mesagu ( మెసగు )
fee rater at - salag ( సలగ )

Synonyms of fee

salary wage account cut pay price bill share stipend commission compensation cost expense payment reward gravy slice handle house chunk hire honorarium take-in juice emolument recompense toll ante consideration percentage piece bite remuneration rake-off

Antonyms of fee

penalty whole

Related English Telugu Meaning

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