finale meaning in telugu

Word: finale
 Meaning of finale in english - ending of an event

Meanings in telugu :

tuttatud ( తుట్టతుడ )

Synonyms of finale

denouement climax conclusion culmination finish consummation cessation termination close epilogue button payoff swan song closer windup peroration afterpiece chaser blow-off crowning glory end piece

Antonyms of finale

commencement initiation introduction debut beginning opening start

Related English Telugu Meaning

finallyfind ones way intofind outfine clothfine fellowfine goldfine head of hairfine kind of silk clothfine powderfine refined goldfine rice flourfine silky grass calledfinefinenessfinest and hardest particles which resist the pestlefinest ofanythingthe noblest offinest sort of ricefinger ringfingerfingers
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