firm meaning in telugu

Word: firm
Meaning of firm in english - inflexible, stable, unmoving, unalterable, definite, business

Meanings in telugu :

sthaasnuvu ( స్థాస్నువు )

Identical words :

As noun :
firmament - gaganamu ( గగనము )
firmness - sthairyamu ( స్థైర్యము )
firm opinion - anubhaavamu ( అనుభావము )
firm hold - chikkapattu ( చిక్కపట్టు )
firman - pharmaana ( ఫర్మానా )

Synonyms of firm

tough sturdy solid hard unyielding substantial rigid thick stiff compact concentrated condensed set refractory concrete hardened close heavy impenetrable impermeable impervious inelastic solidified compressed congealed jelled close-grained fine-grained nonporous tenacious unshakable steady fast tight robust strong rooted secure immovable closed sound mounted petrified fastened embedded spiked fixed settled durable immobile motionless stationary taut riveted braced anchored soldered cemented nailed secured screwed tightened bolted welded unfluctuating flat unwavering adamant unflinching steadfast resolute consistent persistent specific strict determined staunch explicit established constant bent stated bound persevering exact unbending going intent enduring abiding prevailing hang tough obdurate stand pat sure unchangeable unqualified unshaken resolved stipulated true dead set on never-failing undeviating corporation company conglomerate enterprise organization association crowd house partnership gang bunch outfit concern multinational

Antonyms of firm

unstable vulnerable wobbly facile pliable supple alterable changeable indefinite irresolute weak nice easy soft flexible pliant yielding loose slack moving unsettled wavering unattached intermittent untrustworthy infirm undecided movable broken unfixed unhealthy inconsistent varying unsteady unreliable inconstant uncertain vague untrue fickle disloyal surrendering afraid easy-going obscure

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