full grown meaning in telugu

Word: full grown
 Meaning of full grown in english - full-grown, full-grown/full-fledged, big, mature, grown-up, matured

Meanings in telugu :

pravriddhamu ( ప్రవృద్ధము )

Synonyms of full grown

ready ripe adult full-blown marriageable perfected prime nubile of age ripened in one's prime tall elder sophisticated complete fit developed cultured prepared cultivated seasoned mellow settled mellowed fully grown in full bloom experienced qualified skilled trained completely developed schooled well-developed fully developed considered aged advanced culminated cured reasoned consummated

Antonyms of full grown

immature infant undeveloped young new small underdeveloped unripe tiny blah unimportant adolescent baby babyish infantile juvenile selfish ungenerous little bland dull ungiving humble shy unconfident itsy unsuitable inexperienced ignorant unprepared youthful unready green

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