give meaning in telugu

Word: give
Meaning of give in english - contribute, supply, transfer, communicate, demonstrate, proffer, yield, collapse, perform action

Meanings in telugu :

nivēdianchu ( నివేదించు )

Identical words :

As noun :
giver - daat ( దాత )
give up - viduchu ( విడుచు )
As adjective :
given - datamu ( దతము )
give over - appagianchu ( అప్పగించు )
give ear to - aalianchu ( ఆలించు )
givethou - immu ( ఇమ్ము )
given by relations to each other atmarriage - katnamu ( కట్నము )
given f - takaavi ( తకావీ )
give credit to - nammu ( నమ్ము )
given in charge - nihitamu ( నిహితము )
give the image of - pratiphalianchu ( ప్రతిఫలించు )
give light - velugu ( వెలుగు )

Synonyms of give

sell accord grant provide deliver hand over award hand out turn over allow permit commit donate present relinquish consign subsidize gift cede dispense tip confer remit administer will bestow bequeath convey vouchsafe transmit entrust endow deed furnish lease come across dish out dispose of dole out hand down pass out shell out ante up fork over heap upon lavish upon lay upon let have make over parcel out part with pass down pony up throw in read express put announce issue vent ventilate render pronounce publish air broadcast state notify impart carry utter be a source of return extend show indicate produce evidence tender manifest display hold out put on set forth devote lend fail go open retire sag crumble fold bend weaken cave concede relent shrink flex relax break sink fall surrender retreat slacken recede contract crumple bow to fold up give way lead address apply cause occasion direct engender

Antonyms of give

deny disallow disapprove refuse withhold reject conceal hide refrain withstand take keep retain receive neglect fight hold up repress suppress be quiet fail secret take back obscure cover tighten put together straighten increase enlarge grow stretch finish join build strengthen win disagree rise expand face meet extend advance forge destroy ruin lose

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