gloss meaning in telugu

Word: gloss
 Meaning of gloss in english - shine, sheen, definition, make shiny, conceal truth, define

Meanings in telugu :

vyaakhy ( వ్యాఖ్య )

Identical words :

As adjective :
glossy - masrinamu ( మసృణము )

Synonyms of gloss

varnish veneer glaze luster finish brightness gleam appearance brilliance surface front burnish shimmer glint facade polish sleekness silkiness slickness glossiness comment elucidation footnote explanation commentary interpretation translation annotation lacquer rub furbish glance buff soft-pedal whitewash hide sugarcoat palliate rationalize extenuate doctor mask camouflage falsify deacon disguise belie whiten misrepresent veil explain justify cover up smooth over annotate elucidate translate

Antonyms of gloss

dullness misinformation strip explain clear up reveal uncover unmask expose open

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