goddess meaning in telugu

Word: goddess
 Meaning of goddess in english - deity, divinity, hero/heroine, idol, nymph, sacred cow, siren

Meanings in telugu :

vēlupu ( వేలుపు )

Identical words :

goddess kāli - kaaLik ( కాళిక )
goddess of death - krity ( కృత్య )
goddess of nature - prakriti ( ప్రకృతి )
goddess usually denoting pārvati - bhaargavi ( భార్గవి )
goddessanswering to hebe - mēnak ( మేనక )
goddess of prosperity - lakshmi ( లక్ష్మీ )
goddess of plenty and prosperity - shri ( శ్రీ )
goddess of speech - sarasvati ( సరస్వతి )
goddess of riches - siri ( సిరి )
goddess presiding over burnt offerings - svaah ( స్వాహ )

Synonyms of goddess

immortal creator celestial supreme being godhead celestial being demigoddess Divine Being sanctity holiness godliness genius lord spirit prime mover godhood godship guardian spirit higher power ace adventurer celebrity combatant conqueror daredevil exemplar gallant heavy ideal lead lion martyr model paladin prima donna principal protagonist saint star tin god victor worthy diva great person leading person person of the hour popular figure superstar darling icon simulacrum desire image favorite beloved inamorata dear fetish golden calf eidolon false god graven image pagan symbol fairy sprite naiad nymphet sylph dryad mermaid object of worship protected interest sensitive issue beauty temptress charmer vamp enchantress femme fatale sex symbol

Antonyms of goddess


Related English Telugu Meaning

goddessanswering to hebegodless mangods are said to have churned the ocean with it and it now lies at the foot of mount merugodsgoing acrossgoing atrapid pacegoing beforegoing beyond proper boundsgoing outgoing overgoing quickgoing roundgoing to meetguestgoing togoing tortuouslygoing up setting outgoing wellgoinggoitregold armlet ofwavy shape
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