harass meaning in telugu

Word: harass
 Meaning of harass in english - badger

Meanings in telugu :

allatapettu ( అల్లటపెట్టు )

Identical words :

As noun :
harassment - bibhatsamu ( బీభత్సము )

Synonyms of harass

burn raid tease intimidate pester torment persecute heckle hassle hound maraud bait distress exhaust strain vex foray worry devil tire beleaguer irritate eat attack irk annoy pain perplex exasperate bullyrag disturb despoil gnaw plague macerate trouble weary bug bedevil bother try harry fatigue ride get to give a bad time give a hard time jerk around noodge work on

Antonyms of harass

aid assist delight calm comfort soothe invigorate refresh placate reassure activate energize assuage explain facilitate help encourage make happy please build support clarify

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