hardship meaning in telugu

Word: hardship
 Meaning of hardship in english - personal burden

Meanings in telugu :

sarakatamu ( సరకటము )

Synonyms of hardship

grief misfortune peril disaster danger oppression suffering hazard discomfort difficulty calamity fatigue worry misery persecution torment trouble injury sorrow adversity catastrophe case grievance accident travail distress privation destitution drudgery labor mischance trial austerity curse rigor vicissitude want affliction need tribulation asperity toil hard knocks rainy day Herculean task rotten luck tough break tough luck

Antonyms of hardship

delight happiness safety good luck miracle prosperity success joy health relief calmness contentment advantage boon aid assistance favor compliment praise entertainment fun mildness plenty gain profit security blessing good fortune wonder cheer comfort ease pleasure peace benefit

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