heart meaning in telugu

Word: heart
Meaning of heart in english - person's emotions, courage, essence, central part, blood-pumping organ in an animate being

Meanings in telugu :

svaantamu ( స్వాంతము )

Identical words :

As noun :
hearth - chhulli ( ఛుల్లి )
hearth tax - illari ( ఇల్లరి )
heart oftree - chēv ( చేవ )
heartleaved moonseed - tippatige ( తిప్పతీగె )
heart-felt love - niliraagamu ( నీలీరాగము )
hearty laughter - prahasanamu ( ప్రహసనము )

Synonyms of heart

character feeling love soul nature pity humanity zest sentiment sympathy compassion sensitivity benevolence gusto understanding tenderness disposition temperament response inclination relish affection concern palate nerve mind spirit spunk dauntlessness boldness gallantry guts pluck will purpose fortitude moxie resolution mettle bravery core center focus middle root kernel gist hub quintessence nitty-gritty bosom seat crux pith nucleus basic quick marrow nub bottom line focal point polestar coal and ice clock ticker cardiac organ

Antonyms of heart

disdain apathy indifference hatred animosity ill will dislike hate cowardice fear exterior outside periphery surface malevolence mercilessness meanness head exteriority weakness body timidity margin

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